I am a Prague-based artist who primarily works with high-resolution photography. My main focus in my artwork revolves around the themes of transformation and the movement of masses, which are driven by human existence. I am intrigued by the apparent rationality of an individual's limited perspective in relation to the ongoing proliferation of our entire civilization.
By utilizing manipulated photography and computer collage techniques, I have the ability to manipulate and repurpose all that humanity has produced. I can handle these materials with complete freedom, stripping them of their original purpose, arranging their fragments into heaps akin to branches in a forest, or breaking down towering skyscrapers in Hong Kong into small pieces that resemble weathered bits of wood.
I source my photographic materials primarily from major urban centers such as Hong Kong, New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and others. The high resolution of these images allows me to create large-format prints that capture the finest details.
In my creative process, I deconstruct images of the world and reconstruct them into new structures, all the while questioning them, even though I am deeply embedded within them.
Vaclav Hollar Art School in Prague
The School of Art and Design in Prague
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